A small and reliable LED work lamp. The all new Cree XML and XPG3 LED systems make the lamp an efficient light source with low power consumption.

Thanks to very low energy consumption and an extremely long life LED lamps are an economical and environmentally friendly light sources.

The lamp is characterized by high resistance to vibrations and shocks and with IP65 the lamp is 100% waterproof.

Our universal and simple mounting allows you to place it anywhere on your machine, vehicle or even yacht!

The compact size means that its use especially in off-road conditions is trouble-free and maintenance-free.

Supply voltage 10-18 VDC
Power consumption 1,21A do 2,28A @ 12V
Power consumption in sleep mode <750uA(1)
Efficiency η=95% @ 12V
Angle of illumination ±9,5°
Reverse polarity protection YES
Thermal protection YES
LED efficiency min.1390lm @ IF=1500mA
Work time max 50 000 h
Color temperature 6500K
Body material Anodized aluminum / glass / polycarbonate
Dimensions [mm] 50×44
Weight [g] 195
Waterproof IP65


Price 99$